Document Templates

We provide documentation that can help you manage your orders in a better way. This includes product specification templates, production manuals, and more.

Order Document Template Package (79 USD)

Template 1: Product Specification

This template is used to list all technical specifications, materials, standards, logos, and packaging files. Ensure that this document is always kept updated, in case you make the design or material changes.

Template 2: Product Sample Terms

This template lists pre-production sample order terms, product lists, and other relevant information.

Template 3: Production Manual

This template covers accepted defect rates, subcontracting terms, lab testing and quality inspection terms, payment terms, shipping terms, export packaging, and the overall order process. 

Template 4: Quality Control Checklist

Standardized quality inspection checklists for various product categories. You can also add your own tests to the checklist.

Template 5: Purchase Order

Use this template to place orders (including reorders) from your supplier.