List of Trade Shows in Mexico 2022: Our Top 8 Picks

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Mexico Trade Shows

Are you planning to attend a trade show in Mexico? Here is a list of fairs in Mexico that will exhibit in 2022. These shows cover various industries, from furniture to lighting. Each listing features details of the show such as the featured products, number of exhibitors, and exhibition date.

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EXINTEX is a trade show organized by the National Association of Textile Entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Textile Industry in Puebla and Tlaxcala. The trade show has been on for 20 years and its aim is to provide professionals in the textile industry with business opportunities.

The show features the exhibition of various textiles such as fibers, yarn, and knitted fabrics. While the fabrics display is ongoing, the organizers hold seminars for interested individuals to discuss the latest textile trends.

Main Products

Relevant Information

  • Dates: TBD, 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: 800+
  • Organized by the National Association of Textile Entrepreneurs and the Chamber of Textile Industry in Puebla and Tlaxcala.

Location: Exhibitions and Conventions Center of Puebla, Parque Civico 5 de Mayo Puebla, Mexico

Expo Pack Mexico

Expo Pack Mexico is a four-day affair between exhibitors and visitors who share similar packaging products and processing interests. During these days, participants get to attend seminars where they can discuss issues and find solutions.

Asides from the product exhibition, the trade show features daily keynote speeches and educational sessions covering various industry topics.

Main Products

  • Packaging products
  • Processing services

Relevant Information

  • Date: 14–17 June 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: Not mentioned
  • Draws attendees from different related and unrelated industries

Location: Expo Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico

Expo Lighting America

As its name implies, this trade show centers around the lighting industry. Thousands of people gather yearly to experience educational programs, interactive sessions, initiatives, and the display of lighting products at the various hubs and pavilions.

In addition, exhibitors and visitors can join communities where they network with others who share their interests. The trade show also mentions its health and safety preparation toward the fair. Participants can access the details on the website.

Main Products

  • Lighting products
  • Electrical equipment

Relevant Information

  • Date: 8–10 November 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: Not mentioned
  • There are various seminars and classes on lighting that take place during the show
  • Participants can consult preferred exhibitor before the show

Location: Centro Banamex, Lomas de Sotelo, Hipodromo de las Americas, Miguel Hidalgo, 11619 Mexico City, Mexico

Expo Electrica

Expo Electrica has been in existence since 1997 and is a leading business platform in the electrical sector nationally. During the show’s three days, manufacturers and distributors can meet to discuss issues, hold specialized training programs, and exhibit goods.

In addition, more than 35,000 professionals attend the show to participate in various capacities every year.

Main Products

  • Lighting products
  • Materials
  • Electrical equipment
  • Green energy products

Relevant Information

  • Date: 7–9 June 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: 400+
  • 35,000+ visitors from various countries of the world
  • Several seminars on energy forms

Location: Av. Juarez 2B Col. Ex Hacienda de Santa Monica, Tlalnepantia de Baz, Mexico

Plastimagen Mexico

Plastimagen Mexico is a trade show that features exhibitors and visitors looking to discuss innovative solutions to plastic use. The three-day event sees thousands of public and private stakeholders in the plastic industry come together to showcase developments relating to the main products of the show.

According to the fair’s website, the show will feature more than 400 exhibitors and over 1,000 brands from up to 20 countries.

Main Products

Relevant Information

  • Date: 8-11 March 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: 400+
  • The show is exclusively for people over 21 years
  • The admission fee is $20

Location: Centro Citibanamex, Av. del Conscripto 311, Lomas de Sotelo, Hipódromo de las Américas, Miguel Hidalgo, 11200, Mexico City, Mexico


EBIO is a trade show with beauty as its general theme. The three-day show features the display of beauty products and services rendered by professionals. The show also includes various seminars, where professionals share ideas and contribute to the latest trends in the beauty industry.

The exhibition area covers over 24,000 square meters and the trade show expects 20,000 attendees, according to the fair’s website.

Main Products

  • Beauty products
  • Hair and body treatments
  • Hair and makeup services

Relevant Information

  • Dates: 29-30 May 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: 1000+
  • Presale tickets sell for $260 and $290

Location: Expo Guadalajar, Av. Mariano Otero #1499 CP.44550, Verde Valle, 44550 Guadalajara, Jal., Mexico Jalisco, Monterrey, Mexico

Expo Ambientes

This trade show is for home lovers. Over 130 exhibitors will be present to exhibit their products and services. Usually, visitors have a field day with interior products that include furniture, floors, carpets and rugs, and bathrooms. Another part of the show caters to those who want to view or buy gardening equipment, patio furniture, decorative plants, and flowers.

While most of the activities at the show will be focused on home furniture, culinary enthusiasts can also get gourmet dressings and sauces, spices and condiments, and sweets.

Main Products

  • Furniture
  • Home products
  • Gardening equipment
  • Kitchen accessories

Relevant Information

  • Date: 1-2, May 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: 130
  • 13,000+ visitors, with a majority being women
  • 5,000 square meters of exhibition space

Location: Salon Maya 1 y 2, WTC, Mexico City, Mexico

Expo Mueble International

Expo Mueble International is an annual trade show in Mexico that features furniture as its primary product. The fair attracts thousands of visitors to its exhibition of creative works in the furniture and decoration industry. The exhibitors are mainly from Mexico, with appearances from the USA, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, and China.

The organizers state the purpose of the trade show is to connect people to generate business opportunities and circulate knowledge and innovation.

Main Products

  • Residential furniture
  • Accessories and decoration
  • Garden and terrace

Relevant Information

  • Dates: 16-19 February 2022
  • Number of exhibitors: 900
  • 3,000 national and international buyers
  • 50,000+ square feet of exhibition area

Location: Av. Mariano Otero 1313 Col. Rinconada del Bosque, Guadalajara, Mexico

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