We write articles related to manufacturing products in Europe, Turkey, and Mexico - based on our research and experience. Topics cover VAT and tariffs, logistics, payments, quality assurance, and industries. You can also find product guides, which are based on the Productmkr Supplier Database.


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Selection Criteria

Below you find the criteria we use when selecting companies for the supplier directory.

Product Scope: Our primary goal is to identify suppliers with a relevant product scope. We also aim to include a wide range of products and design capabilities in our supplier lists.

Manufacturing Capability: We only list companies offering manufacturing services for other businesses. As such, we don’t list brand-owned manufacturers producing exclusively for a single entity. Further, we don’t list importers, wholesalers, or other companies without actual production capability.

Factory Location: We only take the location of the factory into consideration. For example, a company with its HQ in the United States, but its only production facility located in Mexico, is therefore considered as a manufacturer in Mexico.

Certification: We strongly prefer suppliers that claim to have passed social compliance audits (e.g. BSCI or Sedex). We also value quality management certification, such as ISO 9001, and environmental management certification, such as ISO 14001.

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