Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) refers to the minimum number of products you can purchase from a supplier. The MOQ is often set by the supplier based on the quantity of materials and components they must procure from their material suppliers. For example, an MOQ of 500 pcs means that you must buy at least 500 pcs. Otherwise the supplier cannot accept your order.

MOQ per product

Most suppliers set an MOQ per product.

Example: 500 pcs

MOQ per colour/material

Most suppliers also set an MOQ per colour and material. Further, the MOQ can differ depending on the type of material. Ordering custom dyed materials can also result in a higher MOQ.

It is common that suppliers can provide certain standard materials and colours with lower MOQ requirements, as these materials are split up between several buyers.

Example: 250 pcs

How can we reduce the MOQ?

The MOQ is multiplied based on the number of products, colour, and materials. Here are some methods you can apply to reduce the MOQ:

1. Use the suppliers standard materials and colours.

2. Use the same materials and colours for multiple products.

3. Avoid custom made materials and custom dyed materials.

Minimum Order Value

In some industries, it is more common that suppliers set a minimum order value rather than an MOQ requirement.

Example: 600 EUR